CAST welcomes the INSPQ’s recommendations on the acceptability of cash payments

No documented cases of COVID-19 transmission by banknotes


Montreal, Quebec, July 8, 2020 – The Canadian Association of Secured Transportation (CAST) welcomes the latest recommendations from the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) to the effect that cash transactions are acceptable by stores and businesses.


In its publication dated July 6, 2020, the INSPQ points out that there have been no documented cases of transmission of the COVID-19 virus through the exchange of currency and that the handling of cash does not appear to be a mode of contamination according to scientific studies. The main mode of COVID-19 transmission is interaction between two persons via the emission of contagious microdroplets; transactions involving cash are therefore safe, provided that the interaction time and distance are limited and that careful hand hygiene is practiced after the transaction. Moreover, these good health and safety practices are necessary regardless of the payment method. These recommendations are identical to those issued by the World Health Organization concerning coins and banknotes. The Bank of Canada also recommends that retailers continue to accept cash to ensure Canadians can access the goods and services they need and to avoid creating undue hardship for people who depend on cash to pay for their purchases because their options are limited.


“Given that many Quebecers want to take advantage of the multiple benefits of cash, we are very satisfied with the INSPQ’s recommendations in favour of its continued availability. We are also pleased to have cash recognized as a safe payment method, requiring the same precautions as the handling of payment cards or cellphones,” said Steven Meitin, President, Canadian Association of Secured Transportation.


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Steven Meitin
President, Canadian Association of Secured Transportation (CAST)